15 November 2011

The Greatest Speech of All Time

It is honestly difficult to put into words what I thought the first time I watched this video clip and I am rarely one to be lost for words. Faced with the title, "The Greatest Speech of All Time" and the image of Charlie Chaplin I actually thought it was some sort of joke. Honestly if anyone was going to deliver a history making speech, then it would probably be Obama or Mugabe (I can hear your howls of protest but more on that later) not Charlie Chaplin but as life so often does, I was shocked; pleasantly shocked.

Anyway, enough of me putting words in Mr Chaplin's mouth, here is the man himself:
(The epic music in the background is from the soundtrack of Inception by Hans Zimmer)


  1. where was this 15yrs ago.sigh!

  2. yes we stood bac n watched then, yes we culdnt do anything we were 2 young but now we will be heard,the guilt of disowning someone we didnt even know is no more now we know who to disown and we wont look bac and we wont feel guilty.we do hav our power back its just a matter of time before we make you beautiful again Zimbabwe.