09 March 2013

The Final Draft Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe

As part of my civic duty as outlined in Chapter 1, Section 7 subsection (c) of the Draft Constitution, I am posting the "Final Draft Constitution" of the Republic of Zimbabwe for the consumption of my fellow citizens.

This act no way implies that I agree, endorse or support this draft in any way or form. I am simply acting in the interests of my fellow citizens reaching an informed decision by themselves and reaching a decision on whether to support this document or not.

I will post a summary of my thoughts on the document soon.

Click here to download the document as a Microsoft Word document.

1 comment:

  1. The sickness in men is often mistaken for something its not.There is a sickness in a man's mind often wen he falls victim to an abnormal environment.there is no one who can rescue a mind that is convinced of a lie it has conceived. even Jesus say so. Wat i know though is that colonialism doesnt last forever.for some its 400yrs for some less but it all ends like a bad flue.