05 September 2017

Are My Parents Included In My Retirement Plan

Today's Blogging Challenge Topic posed the question; Are My Parents Included In My Retirement Plans.

My immediate reaction:

Quickly asks Google, "Does that imply saving money?"

Google: "Yes..."


By now you will have surmised that there are no piles of Ncube cash stockpiled in a Swiss bank account waiting for my dying days.

You mean not every weekend has to look like this?

But it's difficult to even start preparing for the future when money seems so transient and expenses seem so insurmountable. 

But true story, before starting this challenge I started reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, a 1997 book written by Robert Kiyosaki advocating the importance of financial literacy. My conversion to wanting to be one of those 'grown up' people saving money bit by bit, and planning for the future came after I saw a chart of a typical American life plotted in weeks. Let's be honest, we all live as if we shall live forever, especially in early adulthood; death and old age are vague conceptual things that have no place in our every day. But when faced with a graph like the one below, there is something in me that understood as if for the first time, the unyielding passage of time.

Where are you on the graph? (source)

I am still in the process of learning the dark magic of saving money for a rainy day, let alone money for the day that I am (heaven's forbid) old. So for now, sorry to disappoint folks, there is no retirement plan!

Check back with me in a bit when I have learnt some more. 

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