13 September 2017

And Then?

Today's blog challenge has posed the dilemna of blogging about the number one question everyone keeps asking me.

What question do I get asked the most? 

I really don't know, I have been in a socially stagnant place in my life past few years, hardly been meeting people who don't know stuff about me that they need to ask questions. So let's try and see.

Why don't have I have a beard?

I don't know. Whatever the reason is, I'm super happy with it! 

I'm in good company....

[Related to previous question] How often do I cut my hair? 

About once every three months. My body is Ndebele, why waste good energy on hair...

When will I get married? 

Married for who?

Story of my life.

Who do I love? 


If you didn't get that response that's why we are not married.

Are you crazy?

Possibly. Let's keep all options open shall we?

Why do you talk so much?

I'm lonely, see post about where I live.

Why are you so quiet?

Possible mental instability, see question above.

This is possibly one of the best trailers for one of the best series ever and this is the best image in that trailer. #skins

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