11 September 2017

The Best French Brands

After being particularly harsh towards my host nation in yesterdays blog, today's blog post is about the best local brands so I will introduce you to three French brands that I love.

3. Orangina

Yes, you won't be able to get sexy kangaroo out of your mind.

Orangina is a fizzy drink that I can only describe as the perfect blend of orange juice and carbonated water. It pops on the tongue and get this: the drink even has orange pulp. Technically the drink was first sold in French Algeria and that's where I first discovered it. As a Zimbabwean, this is the closest thing to Mazoe I have found outside of Zimbabwe.

2. Cheese & Wine

Whilst this is not technically a single product nor a brand, I have to include this in my list because there is at least one stereotype about the French: no one beats them when it comes to wine or cheese. Walk into any supermarket in France and you will be spoilt for choice.

There is quite literally a cheese for every day of the year in a typical French supermarket

Vin rosé, vin rouge, vin blanc, champagne...

And I assure you, very few non-French cheeses or wines can compare to whatever witchcraft the French do in their vineyards and dairy farms.

1. Le TGV

When most people are asked what the French are known for, not many will answer trains. But yes one of the most renowned brands in the world is the French TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse, which literally translates to the unimaginative 'High Speed Train'). The TGV is the fourth largest and one of the fastest commercially operated high speed train networks in the world, with trains reaching up to 320km/h on a rail network that saw the fastest TGV ever produced break what was at the time 578km/h world record in 2007.

All I can say about the TGV is that it is an experience.

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