21 September 2017

Why I Am Doing the 30 Day Challenge

The more astute of my readers will have noticed that I have suddenly started churning out blogs (almost) daily for the past few weeks. The even more astute will have noticed the #30DayAfriblogger Challenge hashtag and will have seen me mention it here and there. And besides drawing the conclusion that I have now resorted to drowning my sorrows in the blog, you will know I am on a 30 Day Blogging Challenge with an awesome group of other bloggers (seriously, Google the #30DayAfriblogger and read the amazing blogs of my fellow bloggers following this challenge with me). The question though remains: why am I doing this to myself?

Why am I doing this to myself? (source
Because to be honest, it's not easy to blog on a schedule like this especially in-between a full time job at a start up and during the week my company is launching a product. That was my first thought when I saw the call to the challenge on Facebook. 'If only this had happened a few years ago, when I was still a student and had lots of free time.' I closed the Google Chrome tab and went on with my life. But a little voice kept nagging at me from the back of my mind. You dare call yourself a writer neh? You started that blog with the ambition of making something of it no? When exactly was the last time you actually blogged? Give me ten reasons why you shouldn't? What about all the To Do's you've been promising you'll get to? You know you turning thirty soon right?

And it's true. This blog has been one of the things festering at the back of mind for the past year or so when I have seriously neglected to maintain it. At times I would be with my friends then an idea would come to me and I'd be like, that would make an excellent blog post. And then when I got home I'd tell myself I'd do it during the weekend. Then the weekend would come and I'd either have forgotten what it was that seemed such a good idea a few days ago or life would happen (translation: laziness). And sometimes I'd read my past blogs and think on how good (or bad) they were and think to myself, yeah you had energy back then. If you've read my blog about avoiding regret by living in the past (How Not To Live) or my blog about why I write (Confessions of a Writer) or if you have watched this amazing video about the five second rule (see below: seriously though, the video is worth watching!!!) you'll think, I know whats coming; he had an epiphany and pushed himself off his lazy ass and started writing.

Well sort of. It involved a bottle of champagne as well as an epiphany but the end result is the same.

I said fuck it: Challenge accepted!

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